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Welcome to Desire Resorts

From the very moment you and your partner arrive at either of our heavenly couples-only resorts, you will be submerged in a dream world of paradisiacal ecstasy where fulfilling your fantasies and awaking your senses is your only objective. From gourmet restaurants serving exotic cuisine, to Caribbean cocktails served on Bali beach beds on our breathtaking beaches, Desire Resorts offers a temperature-rising environment, inviting you and other like-minded couples to experience something new

You will feel the sensually charged energy housed within a luxurious all-inclusive program designed to captivate your senses with exclusive services and world-class amenities, taking you to the limits of satisfaction as you and your partner enjoy this unique conceptual resort experience, where each space has been designed to awaken your senses, providing the perfect backdrop for what lies ahead.

Our clothing-optional concept offers intimate, exclusive spaces to meet new couples. Provocative entertainment, stimulating theme nights, and an alluring playroom set the stage for you and your partner to bring your most desired fantasies to life. And the pleasure does not stop there; each moment is a new experience for continuing pleasure with relaxing spa treatments to captivate you, or our Fantasy Menu designed to please you, Desire never ends.

Bring your fantasies to life in an atmosphere that will take you BEYOND SEDUCTION…


Calle Sierra entre Andador y Avenida Coba,
SM 03, MZ 09, lote 17-01,
Cancun, Quintana Roo, C.P. 77500
Ph: 998 193 2221

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